*Crypticon Seattle Special Guest May 27 -29th 2016

*The Manos Restoration in HD BluRay   Oct. 2015
    Extra commentary with Jackey and Tom Neyman        and documentary interviews.

* Crypticon Seattle May 22 -24 2015
Panel discussion and viewing of short  documentary film "Manos: Conversations with Jackey Neyman"

Manos Sequel   Search for Valley Lodge Dec 2010 

 El Paso, Tx    Jackey cast as grown up Debbie searching for retribution. (project unfinished)

The El Paso Classic Film Festival August 2011  

The Restoration screening   El Paso, Tx  

Hollywood Independent Film Festival   December 2011

The Restoration screening   Los Angeles, Ca   

Manos: The Hands of Fate on stage   Portland, Or.  

April 2013   Jackey played the “Voice of Debbie”

Manos The Hands of Felt   Seattle   August 2013  

Puppet Theater

Seattle Independent Film Festival   August 2013  The Restoration screening. 

Part in Music Video for  Fog People   “It’s my Turn”  October 2015   

Up Coming

Little Debbie from Manos   Jackey Neyman Jones

 Chicago Music Box Theater      November 11, 2016

 Manos Returns   Producer/Actor                    2017

*The Rise of Torgo    Actor                               2016

*Primal Rage  Location Coordinator/Actor   2016         

Past Appearances & Projects

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