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Jackey Neyman Jones

Jackey has the distinct honor of being Debbie, the child star of Manos: The Hands of Fate, often referred to as “The Worst Movie Ever Made”.   Her father played the evil polygamist Master who also, as an artist created much of the “look” of Manos.  Even her mom and dog were fully invested in the making of this iconic film. 

In childhood, Jackey was encouraged to pursue creative passions of art and theater.  By high school she chose art as her path and entrepreneurship that included creation of custom hand painted silk clothing, eventually transitioned into a twenty five year career as a master faux finisher for high end clients in Northern California and Western Oregon.  She still held the dream of performing and in 2010 began finding opportunity in the resurgence of Manos by MST3k and the many creative projects the film has since inspired.   She describes herself as one of the very few surviving cast or crew members and the only one willing to talk about the movie, while she engages whole heartedly with fans at various venues and on Manos inspired  projects.   She is currently working with co-author Laura Mazzuca Toops and with publisher Bear Manor Media to bring the behind the scenes Manos story to print in her book “Little Debbie Reveals All: The Untold Story of Manos: The Hands of Fate”, planned for release in early 2016.  Jackey is available for travel to screenings and events.  To inquire about bookings and availability, contact