Jackey Neyman Jones is not only one of the last surviving actors of Manos: The Hands Of Fate, but the only one willing to talk about it, living in the belief that if she can’t be the best, she’ll make the best from the worst.  

Jackey played Debbie, the child star of Manos. Her dad Tom Neyman played the lead role of The Master as well as creative director, making all the props and artwork while mom designed and sewed the iconic Masters Robe along with the wrestling wives ethereal gauzy gowns. Family pet, Shanka the Doberman, was cast a role as The Master’s evil dog.  Even Great Grandma’s handmade quilt made an appearance on The Valley Lodge bed, making it truly a family film to Jackey as a young girl.

Through personal appearances, Restoration screenings, and her new Amazon 5 star rated book, “Growing Up With Manos The Hands Of Fate. How I was the child actor of the worst movie ever made and lived to tell the story”,  Jackey  lovingly tends to the Manos flame  sharing personal memories, debunking myths (no, a Manos curse didn’t kill all the actors, despite the claims in the Hotel Torgo documentary), relating pop culture facts along with reminiscences of the cast and crew including behind-the-scenes stories of Manos – from the tragic suicide of actor John Reynolds, who played Torgo, to producer/director Hal Warren’s alleged bet with TV producer Stirling Silliphant that “anyone could make a movie”.   

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